• Projections 6/12/2024

    Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, Projections.

    We have made changes, now this page lists what arrived this week. The New Comics Tab will show what is coming in next week. Hoping to show what is in and what is coming at the same time.

    Our next sale day will be next month. Rod Deals will be Saturday, June 22nd! We will have 20 percent off everything not already discounted. Auctions, lots of auctions. Auction items should be showing everyday from now until June 22nd on our Facebook page. Feel free to check them out.

    These new comics that came out on Tuesday, June 11th!

    Ain’t No Grave 1 2nd printing

    Ain’t No Grave 2

    Batman and Robin 10

    Batman and Robin and Howard 4

    Batman Gotham by Gaslight 1 Facsimile Edition

    Batman Gotham by Gaslight the Kyrptonian Age 1

    DC Pride Uncovered 1 Cover A

    Dick Tracy 1 2nd printing

    Dick Tracy 2

    Geiger 3

    Green Lantern 12

    Outsiders 8

    Red Hood the Hill 5

    Sinister Sons 5

    Squicide Squad Dream Team 4

    Transformers 18

    Universal Monsters The Creature from the Black Lagoon 1 2nd printing


    These new comics that came out on Wednesday, June 12th!

    Amazing Spider-Man Blood Hunt 2

    Avengers 15

    Blood Hunt 3

    Crocodile Black 2

    Deadpool 3

    Dick Tracy 2

    Disney Villains Cruella De Vil 4

    Fairy Tale Team-Up Robynn Hood & Van Helsing

    Fantastic Four 21

    Geiger 3

    Ghostlore 11

    Giant Sized Daredevil 1

    GODS 4

    Godzilla Best of SpaceGodzilla

    Godzilla Mechazilla 50th Ann

    Godzilla Skate or Die 1

    Gun Honey Collision Course 1 2nd printing

    Incredible Hulk 13

    Lawful 1

    Miles Morales Spider-Man 21

    MLF Maretime Mysteries 1

    My Little Pony Best of Spike 1

    Plastic Death & Dolls 1

    Scarlet Witch 1

    SHI Senryaku Ominbus Hardcover

    Spawn Monolith 2

    Spider-Boy 8

    Spider-Man Shadow of Green Goblin 3

    Star Trek Celebrations 1 reorder

    Star Wars Darth Vader 47

    Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi trade

    Strange Academy Blood Hunt 2

    Thundercats 5

    TMNT Usagi Yojimbo Saturday Morning Adventures 1

    Torpedo 1972 issue 3

    Transformers 9

    Ultimate Spider-Man 1 6th Printing

    Ultimate X-men 4

    Usagi Yojimbo Crow 3

    Vamirella 669

    Wicked Trinity One shot

    X-Men Blood Hunt Jubilee 1

    X-Men Heir of Apocalypse 1

    X-O Manowar Invictus 2


    We hope to see you at Rodman Comics!