• Projections 6/19/2024

    Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, Projections.

    We have made changes, now this page lists what arrived this week. The New Comics Tab will show what is coming in next week. Hoping to show what is in and what is coming at the same time.

    Rod Deals will be Saturday, June 22nd! We will have 20 percent off everything not already discounted. Auctions, lots of auctions. Auction items should be showing everyday from now until June 22nd on our Facebook page. Feel free to check them out.

    These new comics that came out on Tuesday, June 18th!

    Batman 149

    Batman Superman World’s Finest 28

    Catwoman 66

    Crisis On Infinite Earths 3 Facsimile

    Destro 1

    Green Lantern War Journal 10

    John Constantine Hellblazer Dead In America 5

    Nightwing 115

    Rick and Morty Finals Week the Wrath of Beth 1

    Spawn 354

    Spawn Misery 1

    Spawn Monolith 2nd printing

    Spawn Rat City 1 3rd printing

    Spawn Sam and Twitch Case Files 1 2nd printing

    Super Sons the Complete Collection Trade Book 1

    Titans 12

    Wonder Woman 10

    These new comics that came out on Wednesday, June 19th!

    Al Capone Vampire 0

    Amazing Spider-Man 257 Facsmile

    Amazing Spider-Man 52

    Beware Witches Shadow Fangs for Memories

    Black Panther Blood Hunt 2

    Captain America 10

    Captain Marvel 9

    Destro 1

    Doctor Strange 16

    Dracula Blood Hunt 2

    Elvira Meets HP Lovecraft 5

    Feral 4

    G.I. Joe A Real American Hero 307

    Gun Honey Collision Course 2

    Hercules 3

    Immortal Thor 12

    Invincible Iron Man 19

    James Bond 007 Issue 6

    Justice Ducks 4

    Masters of the Universe Revolution 2

    MLP Kenbucky Roller Derby 5

    Oz Fall of Emerald City 3

    Penthouse Comics 3

    Red Sonja Empire Damned 3

    Redcoat 3

    Self Help 1

    Sensational She Hulk 9

    Spawn Misery 1

    Spider-Woman 8

    Star Trek 21

    Star Wars Jango Fett 4

    TMNT Black White & Green 2

    TMNT the Last Ronin II Re Evolution 2

    Ultimate Spider-Man 6

    Uncle Scrooge Infinity Dime 1

    Venom Separation Anxiety 2

    Venomverse Reborn 1

    We hope to see you at Rodman Comics!