• Projections 11/22/2023

    Welcome back to our weekly newsletter, Projections.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you are reading this after Thanksgiving we hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

    We will be open on Black Friday noon to eight. We will have 10 percent off that day. Then Rod Deals goes down on Saturday, November 25th! 20 percent off everything not already discounted and auctions!

    DC new comics will be available on Tuesday, November 28th!

    Action Comics 1059

    Alan Scott the Green Lantern 2

    Amazons Attack 2

    Barbaric Wrong Kind of Righetous 1-Wed release

    Batman 89 Echoes 1

    Batman Beyond Neo-Gothic 5

    Batman the Brave and the Bold 7

    Batman the Dark Knight Detective Trade vol 8

    Cyborg 5

    Detective Comics 1078

    Doom Patrol 99

    Edenwood 2

    Fire Power 29 – Wed release

    Flash 3

    Green Arrow 6

    Harley Quinn 34 with a sweet Artgerm cover!

    Penguin 4

    Power Girl 3

    Ribbon Queen 5

    Rick and Morty Meeseeks 1 Wed release

    Static Shadows of Dakota 7

    Steelworks 6

    Swan Songs 5

    Titans Beast World 1

    These new comics are also available on Wednesday, Nov 29th!

    007 For King Country 6

    Alice Never After 5

    Amazing Spider-Man Gang War 1

    Assassins Creed Visionaries 1

    Basic Instinct 1

    BRZRKR Fallen Empire

    Captain America 3

    Darkwing Duck 10

    Fire Power by Kirkman 29

    Giant Robot Hellboy 2

    Grim 15

    Howard the Duck 1

    Jennifer Blood Battle Diary 1

    Jungle Comics 22

    Kong Great War 4

    Luke Cage Gang  War 1

    Marvel Zombles Black White Blood 2

    Miles Morales Spider-Man 12

    Moon Knight 29

    Ms Marvel New Mutant 4

    My Little Pony 19

    Predator vs Wolverine 3

    Realm of X 4

    Savage Red Sonja 2

    Schlub 4

    Spider-Woman 1

    Star Wars Obi-Wan 3

    TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures 2023 7

    Uncanny X-Men 142 Facsimile Edition

    Vampirella Dead Flowers 3

    X-Men Blue Origins 1

    As always, hope to see you at Rodman Comics!