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Arriving Tuesday, June 25th!

Absolute Power Ground Zero 1

Action Comics 1066

Batman the Brave and the Bold 14

Detective Comics 1086

Drawing Blood 3

Feral 4

Flash 10

Gatchaman 1

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero 307

Green Arrow 13

Harley Quinn 41

King Spawn 35

Penguin 11

Penguin vol 1 trade

Power Girl 10

Redcoat 3

Rick and Morty Kingdom Balls 3

Rook Exodus 3

Sacrificers 9

Smurfs Olympic Special 1 Shot

Spawn Rat City 3

Superman 15

Universal Monsters Creature From the Black Lagoon Lives 3

Void Rivals 10

Walking Dead Deluxe 91

Zatanna Bring Down the House 1

Arriving Wednesday, June 26th!

Animal Pound 4

AOD Forever 9

Belladonna Fire & Fury Liquid

Black Widow and Hawkeye 4

Blood Hunt 4

Brave Like Godzilla Hardcoverr

Daredevil 10

DF What if Venom 2 Signed

Drawing Blood 3

Dune House Corrino 4

Dungeons and Dimwits 1

Gatchaman 1

Gatchaman Ken Deathmatch Oneshot

Ghostbusters Back in Town 4

Godzilla 1 Facsimile Edition

Godzilla Here There Be Dragons II

Godzilla vs MMPR II issue 3

Grim 18

Grimm Fairy Tales 55

Hellina Scythe Sexy

Hellverine 2

Hellwitch Bitchcraft 1

Jackpot Black Cat 4

Jungle Fantasy Fauna

Lady Death Alluring Foil

Lady Death Divinity Foil

Lady Death Jezebels Foil

Lady Death Malice Foil Bonus

Lady Death Sirens Foil Bonus

Lookers Pumped

Medieval Lady Death Barbaric Foil

Midnight Sons Blood Hunt 2

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 121

Monstress 52

Negaduck 6

Ninjak vs Roku 1

Pooh vs Bambi 3

Rai Book of Darque 2

Resident Alien Book of Life 1

Rick and Morty Kingdom Balls 3

Rook Exodus 3

Sacrificers 9

Smurfs Olympic Special

Sonic the Hedgehog Spring Broken

Spectacular Spider-Men 4

Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider 2

Star Trek Defiant 16

Star Wars Darth Maul Black White & Red 3

Superior Spider-Man 8

Sweetie Candy Vigilante vol 2 issue 3

Symbiote Spider-man 2099 issue 4

Thanos Annual 1

TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures 2023 issue 14

Torpedo 1972 4

Ultimate Black Panther 5

Union Jack the Ripper Blood Hunt 2

Universal Monsters Black Lagoon 3

Vengeance of Moon Knight 6

Void Rivals 10

Witcher Corvo Bianco 2

Wolverine Madripoor Knights 5

X-Men 97 issue 4

X-Men Blood Hunt Magik 1

X-Men Heir of Apocalypse 2


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