Projections — 5/14/2014

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This will be an actual short Projections newsletter. After free comic book day I was hoping things would slow down. Not so. We are good to go for the X Men movie. I need to hit Kansas City sometime to buy a person’s Magic collection. Whole sets of Magic cards dating before I opened. This will improve our Magic the Gathering inventory with cards from before Rodman Comics opened. This will also mean we will not be card trading for awhile due to all the inventory.
There was a new image released of the Batmobile and Ben Affleck as Batman recently for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. I like it!
Original Sin is off to a shakey start. It hasn’t warmed up to our customers even with the free Watcher eyeball that glows in the dark. I think part of the issue is that after issues 0 and 1 of Original Sin nothing has happend that we didn’t already know about thanks to the high hype. The Watcher is killed and his eyes and weapons that he was keeping have been stolen. That was revealed months ago. I liked issue 0 better than the first issue. There was nothing to talk about that hasn’t already been talked about for the first issue.
Forever Evil 7 finally comes out next week. This crossover event by far has been the best crossover event seller since we have been open. People even came in this week asking when will it be out. I was worried the delay would hurt it but so far so good. Even got another set of the first few issues of Forever Evil back in since I keep selling out of it.
It is odd. On the average Marvel crossover I seem to think they really are stretching this out. That the story could have been told with fewer issues. On the average DC crossover I think wow, how will they wrap everything up in so few issues?
As you may have heard Peter Parker is back in control of Spiderman! No more Doc Ock. Or is Doc Ock lurking waiting to return?
Will Superman turn into the new Doomsday? Will Wonder Woman have to put him down before he gets to powerful? To unstoppable? Doomed starts out this week.
The new Marvel Dice game is a huge hit. The starters are heavily in demand. Wizkids was caught off guard by the high demand. We hope to have more in ASAP. I only have one single left in the case. The dice do look cool. And we have been talking about having a game day for it. The boosters are 99 cents. How can one go wrong getting into this game?
Deadpool Heroclix is now available. They are very neat.
War of Light Heroclixs are still good to go next month……
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