Projections — 5/29/2014

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Super busy month. Free Comic Day, Diamond Vegas Summit, this weekend will be a Kansas City trip to pick a years worth of Magic Cards, and more have tied up a lot of my time.
The Marvel Dice Game has proved to be very popular. Hopefully Wizkids will have the starters for the game more readily in the future. It is a very inexpensive game. A dollar for a pack of two cards and two dice? Nice.
We have singles in the glass case available for sale if interested.
The Deadpool Heroclixs are in. And they too are a big hit. The Merc with a Mouth has his fans.
Comic sales are booming. This time of year is great for comic sales. Typically students are done with school or on break meaning they have more free time. This time though there is a heck of an increase in customers due to something I had no control over. Which I am very grateful for of course. If we are out of something feel free to let us know and I will do my best to get it back in. Glad to see new people coming in.
The latest X Men movie was a hit. I liked it. My favorite X Men movie of franchise. Afterwards I remember thinking why couldn’t Singer have made Superman Returns half as good as this movie. At least the latest Superman movie was awesome.
And this X Men movie unlike the previous one had a cool end credit scene. Our private movie group showing did indeed enjoy it. Young, old, male, female, all seemed to like it.

Medusa has coined a new name for the new Inhumans being introduced. The “Nuhumans”. It doesn’t really role off the tongue sadly.
Are you enjoying the latest crossover Original Sin? So far it has been a mixed response here at the store. Marvel is already hyping their next upcoming crossover while this one hasn’t even ended. Sigh. Let us deal with one crossover at a time Marvel. There is only so much hype to go around.
Forever Evil is now done. I am still reordering the first five issues for the store. Forever Evil is by far and away the biggest crossover seller I have had in the store. And that ending……. Hmmmmm…..
The DC weeklies have staying power.
Again it has been a busy month so this will be a short Projections. I did write two articles last week. One article was on The link is in last weeks Projections.
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Hope you all are enjoying the nice weather and hope to see you at Rodman Comics!