Projections – 5/4/2016

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Free Comic Book is almost here! Today is May 4th. Star Wars. Celebrate all things Star Wars today and pick up Star Wars Poe Dameron issue 2 today.

On May 7th at 11 we will open and celebrate Free Comic Book Day. If you have been here for Free Comic Book Day before than you know what to expect. We have made no changes to how we host Free Comic Book Day. We will continue to treat it as a customer appreciation day. One copy of each title per person to try to let as many different people as possible get comics. The Free Comic Book Day comics will be through out the store. Easily noticable since they will have printed on them “Free Comic Book Day Comic” and we will have stickers stating “Free Comic”. And before leaving each person will check in at the door to make sure no one accidentally gets any non free comics. Why do we have the free comics through out the store? Because we want people to actually check out the store. Not just walk in and leave after getting to the front table with free comics on them. How do I know people do this? It is what I did on Free Comic Book Day before I had the store.

Hopefully it isn’t raining that day. In the previous years there has a been a line outside waiting to get in. It will be a busy day. I will be returning from a private showing of the Captain America Civil War movie that morning to open. Before going to the movie I will be here setting up for Free Comic Book Day. Friday May 6th I have to take care of some non Rodman Comics stuff but hope to make it in during Friday Night Magic to get as much ready as possible for May 7th. May 6th will be “crappy” prize night for Magic. I will post that on Facebook also. It is my attempt to make sure no prize sharks are in that night while I am trying to get ready for Free Comic Book Day.

We will be having a Rodman Comics Heroclix Draft at 4 on May 7th. Heroclixs must go on.

I will try my best to get be the best host I can be. Free Comic Book Day isn’t even here and I am feeling burnt out. Then after that we will have the return of Rod Deals on June 11 to get ready for. Summer is always our busiest season. I know I keep saying that as far as getting actual new repeat long term customers Free Comic Book Day doesn’t accomplish that. But I will keep trying to get new long term repeat customers. I also know that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. But hey I opened a comic store so I know I am nuts.

Again we will treat May 7th as a Customer Appreciation Day. Free Comics. Fun. The Rodman Comics cut out will be available for kids and adults to get their pictures with. Stop on in and enjoy the day at Rodman Comics.

Our next event will be on Tuesday May 24th. Yes, comics for DC and Marvel will go on sale on a Tuesday for once. We will open at 10 that morning to start selling that week’s new DC and Marvel Comics. DC’s one shot Rebirth 1 comes out. 80 pages for $2.99! Scooby Doo Apocalypse 1 along with Steve Rogers Captain America 1 also arrives.

Then next month June 11th Rod Deal’s returns. Silent Auctions, 20 percent off everything not already discounted (no discount on Eternal Masters packs), fun, lots and lots of fun.