Projections — 6/12/2014

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2014 is the year of change for Rodman Comics. More comics, more cards, more heroclix, more toys, more everything!
This will make me sound like a broken record but I do want as many people as possible to know if we are out of something and you want it let us know. With all the new customers there is a lot more sell outs of comic titles with in a few days than before. The shout out for Rodman Comics at the movie theater, summer being here, and another store’s move have lead to a boom in customers. I was prepared for the increase of customers thanks to it being summer since more people typically have more free time during the summer. I underestimated how effective the movie theater hyping the store would be. I have worked with the movie theater many times before but this year was far and away the best for new people coming into the store and buying thanks to the promotion. I think people are getting more and more less worried about the economy and more free with their money. The comic store in Des Moines that moved from one location to another in Des Moines I did not think would effect my store since we are in Ankeny much. I was wrong.
Again if we are out of something feel free to let us know. I will be more than happy to reorder it. Customer service is important. We want good people at the store.
It has been pointed out to me that I do not hype the store enough. So here we go.
Why shop at Rodman Comics?
Free bags and boards with every comic purchase.
We have a wide range of comics. From the Golden Age of Comics to new releases.
We have people that know comics.
Class 1000 customer service.
We sell original artwork.
Fun casual gaming group.
We do things differently.
I am wiped out. The month of May cleaned my clock. June hopefully will show some of the work I have done. Stayed here till 2:30 in the morning last Saturday morning due to the release of the new Conspiracy MTG set. Stayed till 1 in the morning Sunday morning the next day. Saturday I started two groups for the Conspiracy draft. One at 8 and one at 9. It worked out really good. I even drafted on Friday night. Out of four packs I had three packs with two rares in them. One card let me get another pack for the draft. Some of our regular Magic gamers have jobs where they do not get off work till 8. By pushing it back this allowed them to play. I might have the drafts and other Magic gaming pushed back till 9 in the future to allow more people to show up. Saturday had so many players I turned some away. Granted the ones I turned away wanted to play for free and one brought in their own drink so it was easy to turn them away. There are only three signs saying no outside food or drink.
As one of the signs states keep calm follow the rules.
The Rodman Comics website will finally get an overhau this monthl. The check out when people use it to buy something should finally work. Not having it work for so long cost me money. The old 90s comic wallpaper will be gone.
Some of the Magic cards I bought have made their way into the display case. Some of them have already sold. I have started a new system and hope to have all the cards I bought last month available for sale this month. And no I am not doing any trades for cards for quite awhile. Buy all the cards I bought then we can talk.
The Deadpool draft was a hit. I even played. Steve Davis showing up made me do it. If only Josh had showed up. I still want revenge. There were two boosters left from a case which I knew would not have anything good in them. The people playing the draft pulled a Sabertooth chase. All the primes were pulled. Lots of Super rares. And I was right. Out of the two boosters Shroud was the most “powerful” heroclix I pulled. Needless to say all I could do was slow down the beatdown. Almost felt like victory was with in my crasp against Steve but after multiple snake eyes being rolled it was not to be. At least this time I didn’t push with Wolverine using flurry and roll snake eyes twice and cause myself three clicks of damage. Remember that game Steve? And Kyle was nice enough to remind me of the Man of Steel draft where out of four counter top boosters I pulled two of Superman’s mom. And since she is a unique I could only use one of her that game. The other two pieces were Clark Kent and a human soldier. Needless to say it wasn’t the team that won that day.
War of Light for Heroclix starts June 21st.
This Saturday is the Rodman Comics Draft! Can you win the Chase? I even heard a Green Lantern Power Battery will be a prize.
The Original Sin limited series is suddenly selling. Issues 0 and 1 looked like I over ordered when they first came out and now are looking like they may possibly sell out for me. Issue 3 blew out the doors with the death of……. I can’t spoil if for you. I reordered it already.
Batman Eternity. It’s Batman. It’s weekly. Pick it up.
Future’s End. It has Batman Beyond. It’s weekly. Pick it up.
The latest issue of Superman Wonder Woman blew out the doors. People decided to buy both the bombshell variant cover of that issue along with the regular cover. I ordered more copies than I would normally to prepare for people buying both versions but still sold out quickly. I have put in a reorder. With it being part of the DOOMED crossover I know more people will want a copy.
Lots of good comics in the store. Stop on in and pick some up!