Projections — 6/26/2014

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Oct 8, 2015 – Still rockin’ along. Saturday was a heck of day. Lots of gaming material sold and we didn’t even celebrate Free Roleplaying day on the 21st. Heck, had a record sales day for Star War X Wing miniatures and we didn’t even have a game for it that day.
War of Light for Heroclixs was a hit Saturday. It went very smoothly. I even gave out extra Lafleeze prizes to people who attended as a thanks for a successful start to a new gaming Heroclix event. Now I just need to make sure I do not lose the sheet with everyone’s scores for five more months since it is a monthly event were the person with the most points wins Nekron at the end. A big welcome back to past players that have not been in for quite awhile.
Read about upcoming heroclix prize support for Excalibur and Justice League due out this year. Wonder what that is all about?
Next week the Guardian of the Galaxy counter top heroclix arrive along with their starter already.
Wizkids has announced “Con in your store” program. Their term seriously. Basically an inventory liquidation for Wizkids. I have opt in for it. It is a chance for former heroclix that were convention exclusives only to be sold in stores come August. There is a lot of questions and variables that they have not answered. The variables or randomness is they will send some random heroclixs that may be actual convention pieces or chases. Yes, somehow they will have chase figures on hand? And they have not stated from what set or sets. There are convention exclusives I can straight out buy but no prices have been offered. It is as odd as it sounds. It would be like me telling you I will sell you something and you can sign up for it but I am keeping the price you will pay for it a secret till later. Gotta love Wizkids and their wackey business practices.
I went all in because I am crazy like that. I ordered over $1000 of heroclix product that Wizkids had trouble selling so I can get the Enormous Kit. Again their words not mine. Not the Huge Kit. Or the Big Kit. So come August 2nd I will have convention heroclixs to sell and play for. I don’t know how much they will cost because Wizkids hasn’t told me how much I am spending to get them. Yes, I spent a grand so I could spend more to get certain heroclix pieces. The things I do for the players! The heroclix events will be updated today on the website. August will be a big month for heroclixs.
New Action figures of DC’s new 52 Earth 2 have arrived. The Flash, Batman, and Green Lantern look pretty cool. New 52 Earth 2 Wonder Woman arrives next week.
Superman 32 is in. Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr start their Superman story arc. Tired of the non stop re launches? Then pick Superman 32 to show a monthly title that is in the double digits is still worth wild to pick up. It is also a good story.
Chuck Dixon made it on Fox News and stated that his views had gotten him blacklisted from Marvel. Chuck is a writer who used to write the Punisher for Marvel and Robin for DC among other titles.
Marvel’s Tom Brevoort was asked if Chuck had been blacklisted and responded:
“Nobody is refusing to look at Chuck’s work because of his beliefs. They might be refusing to look at his work because of his behavior. Different thing.”
Back in 2008 Chuck was let go from DC. And he took to the message boards and typed away about it. Saying things such as Time Warner doesn’t even know they own a comic publishing company and they are the ones that bought a company that is in the red and on and on and on. Ironically he was saying Marvel was better than DC.
One quote of Chuck’s:
“If anyone cares to look back over my posts (here, and elsewhere) I have only sought to explain just enough so that the rumor tsunami doesn’t wash over me and leave my reputation on a rocky shore. DC has said nothing on this subject and the internet LOVES a vacuum. Before I began stating my case, there was already speculation that I’d left DC on my own in some kind of hissy fit over continuity.
Hell, I’ve survived crossovers with Doug. I can live through anything.
My posts have also been quite free of specifics as these are nobody’s business but mine and DC Comics. But since they said nothing, I was left to supply an explanation. Of sorts.”
DC and Marvel are stuck often times looking like the bad guys because they have to take the high road and keep quite. Seriously what are they going to do start posting on message boards why they fired someone and then get sued for slander?
This quote from 2008 of Chuck’s did give me a chuckle:
“Whether you like Marvel’s recent output or not it’s undeniable that their ideas are story-driven and give the writers something to play with rather than “guess who we’re killing THIS month!”
My how 6 years can make quite the difference. Human Torch, Ultimate Spiderman, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, and of course Wolverine’s upcoming death are the “deaths” Marvel has used over the last few years.
Chuck pretty much burnt any bridges he had with DC. I enjoyed his writing on the Punisher and Robin along with many others but employers don’t want to deal with employees that could be more trouble than they are worth.
I doubt if Marvel wants to go through the same thing he did with DC if something goes wrong.
Speaking of things that go wrong. I read the whole Dark Horse Star Wars limited series that was based on the original Star George Lucas draft. Wow, if others had not gotten involved and made the film better Star Wars would have bombed and there never would have been more than one Star Wars film.
On the internet there is usually rumblings about Marvel and DC not letting writers do whatever they want on a title. Creative freedom and all that. Sometimes when a writer doesn’t get to do what they want that is a good thing.
After reading the Star Wars Lucas draft limited series I can understand how he allowed the Star Wars Christmas special to be made and how he thought the last three Star Wars films would be good. No one corrected him. No one challenged him to make them better. The whole two heads are better than one rule could never be used because it was all Lucas.
Still working on the website. It seems like it is cursed! From a person taking payment to work on it and only making it worse to currently what feels like it is taking forever to update and fix it. Years ago I built a website quicker than this. I entertain building a new website but with the lack of time available I would just need to swear off sleeping to get it done. I do spend a lot of time making the store go. Heck, I was here till 1:30 in the morning Wednesday. And even on time for my day job at 8 a.m. I even surprised myself since I felt so tired. If I can’t impress myself who am I going to impress?
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