Projections — 7/11/2014

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The calm before the storm. This Saturday morning at 12:01 right after midnight will be the first prerelease for the new M15 set. Followed by prereleases at noon and 8 p.m. As if a prerelease for a new Magic set wasn’t enough War of Light round two for Heroclixs will be at 4 Saturday. This Saturday will should be quite the busy day.
Lots of new ongoing series released this week. A new Spiderman 2099 ongoing series along with a new Suicide Squad and Grayson series.
Star Wars X Wing miniatures had another wave come out this year. Surprisingly quick and on the heels of the previous wave. The new ships do look cool. Come September or October the Star Wars X Wing miniature game day should return to the store. I am not going to buy prize support for it. That had the opposite effect. To much whining over free prize support that I bought and no new players tells me to not have prize support have it. The players had more fun playing for fun. To much currently going on in store in the meantime and sales are the same for Star Wars X Wing miniatures even though there is no gaming for it. Though I do want to see the Rebel Transport out of its box and how it is played.
The website is looking better. Still some work to go but at least improvements have been made.
The biggest surprise is there looks like there could be hope for a comic professional that has never been in Iowa before making it for the Anniversary of the store come October. Nothing is for sure yet so I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but if it works out it will be pretty cool.
Guardians of the Galaxy the movie hits next month. We will have a private showing. The previews have made it look very cool.
As soon as I know what all Wizkids is sending me for Heroclix convention exclusives I will know more on what to do for next month. August will be crazy for heroclix events.The next wave of War of Light with new heroclixs will also come out next month. I am hoping I will get an email letting me know what all will be sent but odds are I will know when the shipment arrives. That is usually how Wizkids works. Even though there is only 12 days to sign up for their newest program it has already been altered a few times. Right now I am being told these pieces do not fall under Heroclix prize support rules. Thus Wizkids whole “For one day a store can sell them just like it was a convention day!” Even though if there are no rules doesn’t that mean anything goes?
X Men Dicemaster has been pushed back from the beginning of October to the end of October. No surprise there.
Gail Simone is finally off Batgirl. Yes, I say finally since Batgirl sales have been sputtering for awhile. Gail’s work on the previous Birds of Prey series I liked. Her Batgirl didn’t do anything for me. Even though Babs the original Batgirl returned as Batgirl it sold even lower than when the Spoiler was Batgirl before the new 52. I wanted to like it but it just didn’t work out. I liked Babs better as Oracle. She was more unique being the behind the scenes infomation broker and computer expert and not just another costumed person.
Hopefully the new creative team on Batgirl will be able to bring some life back into the character.
Bleeding Cool is reporting that their sources claim that Doomsday will be in the next Superman movie. I hope so. I have tons of the Death of Superman comics. And I hope Doomsday is a cool in the movie if he is in it as he was in the Death of Superman story arc.
Marvel’s next crossover Axis has already been announced. Original Sin isn’t even done yet. Slow down with the crossovers. This will be Marvel’s third one in 2014? At this rate they will all just blur together.
Little known fact George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones, regularly wrote in to Marvel’s letter columns in the ’60s.
Lots of cool new comics. Tons of great back issues. Lots of fun collectibles here at Rodman Comics.
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