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Projections — 7/30/2014

What a week. Sometimes I get burnt out working so much. I even joked with others that I didn’t close this year because I signed a two year lease. Been trying to figure out what to do for the anniversary of the store come Oct 4th. And then comic legend Bob Layton returned an email…
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Projections — 7/23/2014

Wow, Marvel has been on a roll with shake ups for their titles. Thor is to be replaced by a woman. Captain America will be replaced by Falcon. Iron Man is rumored to be replaced by Tony Stark being more of a jerk and the title will be called Superior Iron Man. As I stated…
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Projections — 7/16/2014

July is clicking along. The M15 Magic prerelease is done. It went pretty good. Come Friday we will have singles for sale from the newest set. I have also been stocking more singles of Modern Masters cards along with a full set of Theros in our binders currently. I found out what some of the…
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Projections — 7/11/2014

The calm before the storm. This Saturday morning at 12:01 right after midnight will be the first prerelease for the new M15 set. Followed by prereleases at noon and 8 p.m. As if a prerelease for a new Magic set wasn’t enough War of Light round two for Heroclixs will be at 4 Saturday. This…
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