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Projections — 6/6/2014

The month of May was crazy busy. I ended up going to Vegas and Kansas City for the store. Free Comic Day came and went. And now the year is over half done. Picked up some Magic cards in Kansas City. We now have a Tarmogoyf and Dark Confidant from Modern Masters, Jace the Mindsculpter,…
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Projections — 5/29/2014

Super busy month. Free Comic Day, Diamond Vegas Summit, this weekend will be a Kansas City trip to pick a years worth of Magic Cards, and more have tied up a lot of my time. The Marvel Dice Game has proved to be very popular. Hopefully Wizkids will have the starters for the game more…
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Projections — 5/14/2014

This will be an actual short Projections newsletter. After free comic book day I was hoping things would slow down. Not so. We are good to go for the X Men movie. I need to hit Kansas City sometime to buy a person’s Magic collection. Whole sets of Magic cards dating before I opened. This…
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